PTCL and Electronic Government Directorate made a deal of E-office project


PTCL and Electronic Government Directorate (EGD) made a deal yesterday through which PTCL will provide data hosting services for the deployment of E-office project, a recent release by Ministry of IT and Telecom reflects.

ptcl e project

Ministry for IT and Telecom, Ms. Anusha Rehman, supervised a meeting where requirements of the deal were discussed and finalized.

Ms. Rehman regarded this deal as a milestone as the E-office reproduction project ultimately entered into the final round.

The Minister was very sad to hear that the E-government project was ignored since 2007, only due to the fact that EGD/PCB was not able to build a data hosting facility despite its place given in PSDP. After this meeting, the team at Ministry of IT will make sure that the project is done within the given time duration.

The Minister repeatedly said that the security of the E-office system is the most significant factor so that no one would be able to intrude into the data. The Minister also ordered the EGD/PCB to take all precautionary steps for the training of the staff of all Ministries in order to get enhanced safety as security, efficiency and transparency plays a substantial role in this project.

As the implementation phase of the project gets underway, the work will be supervised efficiently against KPI’s/targets and no more halt would be bared, Minister quoted.

Reader should note that PTCL was handed this specific project without advertising the requirements of tender.

Ministry of IT is of the opinion that it’s a temporary solution offered by PTCL, with which NTC will acquire its own data facility to ultimately support hosting services for the E-Office project.