PTCL offered free 1Mbps to 2Mbps upgrade package


PTCL has automatically upgraded all 1Mbps packages to 2Mbps Economy package till April 30th, 2014 with no additional monthly rental. PTCL in a statement on its website, said that allow all existing subscribers of 1Mbps Economy Package will now enjoy 2Mbps speed with same charges .

From May 1st, 2014 2Mbps subscribers of Economy package will be charged Rs. 750 per month for data usage of 10 GBs per month.

All subscribers who do not want to further carry on with 2Mbps Economy package will have to discontinue the upgrade by calling PTCL number 1236, so there package is reverted back to 1 Mbps.

PTCl like the past this time has again done the upgrade forcefully and will not downgrade the package automatically until called.

Promotion Features:

• All 1Mbps Economy Package subscribers will automatically be upgraded to 2Mbps Economy package

• Promotion charges for 2Mbps Economy package are Rs. 499 per month

• Download Limit of 10 GBs for 2Mbps Economy package applies.

• Additional data costs at Rs. 100 per GB

• Billing Cap will be Rs. 1,500 per month

• Promotion is valid up till end of April 2014

• All customer who like to downgrade from 2Mbps Economy package to 1 Mbps after a month have to Opt out by calling 1236.