PTCL offers exciting package for EVO users


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced to provide its EVO clients free of cost internet along with discount on outstanding dues on reestablishing their dormant EVO devices. PTCL have said that this bundle is available on all packages including pre-paid and post-paid EVO, EVO Nitro, EVO cloud, Nitro Cloud & EVO Wingle devices which were inactive since 30th March, 2014.

Beside this mega offer, pre-paid users using this offer will be entertained with the free balance equivalent to the recharged credit, whereas post-paid clients will both be entitled to submit previous remaining charges and balance equal to the recharged amount will be provided free of cost to them.

Having said all this, there are a number of restrictions imposed with the bundle offer which are
This offer is entitled for both Pre-paid and Post-paid subscribers. Offer is open to all packages including EVO, Nitro, EVO cloud, Nitro cloud, EVO TAB & EVO Wingle customers.

All Non-PSTN postpaid and all prepay users can enjoy this offer; offer is null and void for PSTN (landline) users. Day-pass and Week-pass subscribers will get an additional day or week of usage once, as per their recharge.

This offer lasts till December 31st, 2014.