PTCL to place some cash in international submarine cable consortium system


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has planned to place some cash in yet another international submarine cable consortium system in association with the top operators in the region. This cable will be stretch from Far East to Europe with several joining paths in Middle East.


PTCL is the consistent part of this fourth submarine cable system to link Pakistan with the outer world. This new undersea cable system will be of multimillion dollars.

PTCL will be able to add terabits of bandwidth in its international capacity via this cable. It will also develop redundancy to its current international infrastructure on eastern and western parts of the Arabian Sea.

This latest investment shows the Company vision to provide the growing bandwidth need of both user and corporate segments in the Country for Broadband and data services. The new cable connect synergizes with PTCL’s three current cable consortium systems including SMW3, SMW4 and IMEWE which are Pakistan’s only connection with the outer world.

A top level PTCL delegation attended the Consortium meeting to discuss the details of the new cable system. It is expected that the deal will be signed later this year and the cable system will start operating be in the later part of 2015.

This new cable system will increase the bandwidth of the current broadband connectivity in Pakistan and counter the upcoming demands of applications which are necessary for the development of information technology and communications technology in Pakistan.