PTCL plans to abonden student package in few months


Students will probably get annoyed out there with PTCL’s announcement of abandoning its extremely famous student package in coming few months. Sources have reportedly confirmed that PTCL is planning to launch alternatives in place of its student package with other identical offers.

It is worth of mentioning here that PTCL has informed its package subscribers through monthly bills this month that its 1 MB student package would cost Rs. 1,250, while 2 MB student package can be had at Rs. 1,450 with effect from November 1st, 2013.

Student packages are a source of lucrative income and brings hefty amount of wealth through broadband subscribers for PTCL, the premier telecom services n broadband market.

As the market dynamics changes frequently, company is now focusing to capitalize the niche with the same but capped offers to enhance revenues. For instance, Economy Broadband Package provides offers 1Mbps speeds at a monthly rate of Rs. 499, but envelops 10 GB data limit for a month period.

PTCL said that users should expect a large number of products for students kicking off 2014. Company stated that it will release various new broadband packages along with more technologies in order to entertain the students.

However, the much loved discount offer internet package has been disconnected for students.