PTCL plans to reduce EVO limit from 75 GB to 30 GB


The premiere Pakistani telecom services provider, PTCL, has disclosed that it is going to reduce the maximum data limit of its EVO package up to 30 GB, which was earlier claimed to be 75GB. This latest minimized data range is entitled to all of the PTCL mainstream internet packages such as Nitro, EVO Wingle, EVO 9.3, EVO 3.1, EVO Tab and EVO cloud devices.


On the other hand, those subscribers who pay less than Rs. 2100 each month will now get a maximum data limit of only 20 GB. The new tariffs and data limits will be going active right from 1st of June, this year.
In this regard, PTCL has silenced all the arguments by saying that these upcoming reduced data ranges will make sure that users acquire top-notch wireless broadband connectivity every time they want over all geographic regions and empower subscribers to take the best out of their monthly internet bundles.

Meanwhile, this news has spread a huge anger among the users of PTCL packages as they will now get limited bandwidth every month.
PTCL has been the front-runner in the broadband industry with more than one million EVO subscribers who utilize wireless internet with its EVO facility. A large number of these subscribers operate with EVO devices as their first internet preference as high-speed DSL internet can’t be used on the go and there are problems due to faulty lines.