PTCL and PTA hold on Telecom market vanishing other operators


Pakistan’s telecommunication sector has been giving a helping hand to the government for the last decade or so, whether it has been yielding hefty earnings or offering satisfactory, convenient and state of the art telecom services to the people alongside proving handsome employment opportunities to hundreds of thousands of masses of the country.

The industry has been critically damaged from the law and order problems, security situation, reduced foreign investments. Currently, it is facing the worst-ever circumstances since the formulation of Telecommunication Ordinance, 1994 which lead to the formation of three entities namely “The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)”, “Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) and “National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC)”.

The major function of the first two organizations i.e. PTA and FAB were to maintain smooth running and control the telecom market and telecom facilities.

The responsibility of existing devastating situation cannot only be laid on law and order scenario and the country’s unpredictable state of affairs. PTA is also an accomplice with them for the ongoing recession in country’s telecommunication industry, which came short of fulfilling its basic and prime goal i.e. “to adjust fluent operations and drive the telecom industry and telecom solutions”.

In the broad-band internet market, PTA has entirely failed to organize any type of fair game contest. “Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited” (PTCL) has vividly got exclusive control of the whole industry; the landline behemoth equipped with a massive infrastructure in the entire country has clean bowled all other operators with the lowest ever rates which cannot be competed in any way. The entire broad band service facilitators are seeing recession due to these inevitable circumstances. A plethora of broadband operators have wrapped up while others are considering of mergers. The rest of the service providers are running short of any investment plans, which ultimately leads to their downsizing and unpredictability amongst their employees.