PTCL revenue in ist half of FY 2013 increased by 31 percent


PTCL revenue in ist half of FY 2013 increased by 31 percent. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL),which is currently the Pakistan’s largest ICT services provider has posted excellent financial results in 1st half of the financial Year 2013. PTCL’s financial results for period that ends on 30th June, 2013 were announced on Wednesday. The announcement came using PTCL’s Board of Directors meeting which was held at a local hotel in capital city Islamabad.


PTCL is not only displaying sound financial performance but has also showed excellent growth in its broadband services and is currently the leading solution provider in Pakistan. PTCL is further expanding its ICT infrastructure to cement its reputation as top ICT solution provider in Pakistan.

PTCL group displayed a steady growth of 17 percent with an overall increase of Rs 7.9 billion in the net Profit for 1st half of FY 2013. PTCL Gross Profit for the same period stood at Rs 24.1 billion.

Growth in PTCL revenue stream was also increased by 31 percent, with Net Profit of Rs 6.3 billion, while net Gross Profit stood at Rs 13.8 billion.

Mr. Walid Irshaid,  CEO and President PTCL displayed his pleasure at this strong performance of PTCL and said that PTCl revenues streams have shown good results in all the spheres of the company product portfolio.

PTCL faced atough and competitve market from a number of broadband service providers and mobile operators in Pakistan but displayed excellent results,he added. PTCL’s commitment is to ensure the company’s business decisions fulfill benchmark of several key criteria, which includes adding value to its shareholders, enhancing PTCL broadband market share , improving PTCL’s capacity and capability to serve its customers across the entire Pakistan.

PTCL improved profit ratio and achievement resonates its strategy and execution. PTCL focus to take on challenges in market to evolve new technologies to fulfill customers’ changing demands, displays its responsiveness as well as agility to serve its customers as per their expectations of PTCL products and services, he added.

 Walid Irshaid further said that PTCL’s excellent performance is the result of its relentless perusal of excellence, scalability and network expansion and its commitment to innovation in all the services as well as commitment to support PTCL employees.