PTCL takes PTA imposed fine of Rs. 82.496 million case to Supreme Court


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has taken Islamabad High Court’s decision to the Supreme Court for a fine imposed by PTA of Rs. 82.496 million for unlawful usage of additional radio frequency band for its EVO facility than it was actually awarded.

PTA, in its guideline, had said that PTCL was given frequency spectrum of 1975-1980 MHz and 1895-1900 MHz for services of its CDMA/WLL facility. Meanwhile, PTCL was operating on 1975-1981.875 and 1895-1901.875 MHz thus fetching surplus 3.75 MHz of spectrum which wasn’t its property.

PTCL was allegedly utilizing this additional spectrum in cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body in the country, considering these facts, put a fine on PTCL back in 2011, which was then competed by PTCL in Islamabad High Court by claiming that the regulator’s stance is unfair.

Earlier, Islamabad High Court completed the case in favor of the regulator and discarded PTCL’s case by quoting: “PTCL has been short to figure out any unfairness or biased nature in the assaulted order, so the appeal is rejected”.

Now, after the whole dilemma, PTCL has knocked the doors Supreme Court of Pakistan against the regulator’s unfair announcement.

Supreme Court has ordered PTA and five Internet Service Providers to deposit their considerations on the issue.

It is worth of mentioning that ISPAK had filed a complaint with NAB (National Accountability Bureau) on the accused additional usage of band by PTCL. The Nab has been reported to be in the final leg of its probe on this matter were considering to file a criminal lawsuit against PTCL but have discarded that option due to influence from the elites.