PTCL has unveiled a new EVO Nitro Cloud-Share device


PTCL has unveiled a new kind of EVO Nitro Cloud-Share device for its valued subscribers. EVO Nitro Cloud-Share is a WiFi Hotspot Device in the Nitro Cloud line-up. This device is powered by a battery and can easily connect to a plethora of WiFi devices via its wireless interface. It offers unmatched high-speed broadband to cellular phones, gaming consoles, laptops & PDA’s etc.


The dominating attribute of Nitro Cloud-Share in contrast to its predecessor Nitro Cloud is that is capable of sharing the data of the MicroSD with other subscribers connected to the device over WiFi.

The device now also features a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) mode as well as a 1.0 inch OLED display panel showing signal strength, Roam status, Wi-Fi, battery, WAN Connection mode and connection status, etc.
Other than this, the Nitro Cloud-Share can be easily accessed through “nitro.cs” rather than typing the complete IP address i.e. 192.168.

The battery of this device is a powerful 1700 mAh battery offering up to 5 Hours of non-stop usage. An extra battery is also available with each nitro cloud-share. The device is a Superior Rev.B Phase-2 Compliant device which can boost up to 14.7 MBPS Downlink and 5.4 Mbps uplink in cities (presently Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi). It can connect to 5 WiFi devices at a time. The MicroSD Slot supports capacity up to 32 GB.

The Evo Nitro Cloud-Share is a free Device & is available for a 3 Months Usage for Rs. 9,500. Monthly Packages consists of Rs. 1,500 = Volume: 20 GB, Rs. 3,000 = Volume: 30 GB and Rs. 3,200 = Volume: 50 GB.

Users can get their non-stop and super-fast Nitro Cloud-Share right now from any PTCL One Stop Shop or any authorized retail outlets.