PTCL upgraded all its DSL broadband connections to 4Mbps free


Pakistan’s premier broadband provider PTCL has eventually declared that is its going to change its DSL broadband user connection with a minimum of 4Mbps internet speeds.

As a result of this announcement, the entire community of both students and normal internet consumers will freely get to the ranks of 4Mbps.

This declared upgrade is free of cost and is valid for a limited time. After the allocated time period, the normal fee of 4Mbps will be charged from customers.

PTCL has not announced any deadline for this 4Mbps speed campaign yet.

It should be kept in mind by the users that PTCL still lacks to provide the said internet speeds in specific localities across the country due to its sub-standard and old copper cabling. Meanwhile, at the same time, it is wholeheartedly committed to switch its aging copper media with connection-oriented fiber optic lines. However it is a time-consuming process and will not be ready soon.

This latest broadband promotion campaign is another step forward in the PTCL’s vision to accomplish the mission of acquiring 2 million internet subscribers in a record time.

PTCL is also targeting the local broadband market to get the maximum share in the wake of upcoming next generation spectrum auctions which could give it a decisive edge over rivals in the local telecom market.