Ryder Out of Danger as He Gestures Famiy;Two Suspects Held


Jesse Ryder, who was hospitalized yesterday in intensive care due to coma after having fractured his skull following a brawl with some men, has been reported to be out of danger. He gave a gesture of thumbs up to his family and manager. Meanwhile, police has carried out further investigations and has arrested two individuals for charges of assault on Jessie Ryder. The arrested persons are 20 and 37 years old and will appear in District Court of Christchurch on 4th April.


According to the medical experts, Ryder’s health condition is now improving and more of stable than critical. He is using breathing apparatus for respiration as his lungs were also injured. Aaron Klee, who is Ryder’s manager, said that the medical staff had adjusted the sedation level so that he may be able to respond to and talk to his family and he did interact with his mom, partner and myself. Klee thanked the support of all the fans from all over the world.

As far as the investigations are concerned, detective Bryan Archer of Christchurch police told that from the CCTV video, it’s now confirmed that the event involved attack by two men only. Meanwhile, Christchurch Councellor Aaron Keown along with chief executive of Canterbury cricket Lee Germon, a former natio