Ryder’s Condition Stable; Feeling Much Better


Jesse Ryder’s condition has improved over the last 24 hours and as a result, he has been removed from ICU at the Christchurch hospital. He was admitted to hospital on Wednesday after an assault by at least two persons when he was out with friends in front of Aikmans Bar and again in McDonald’s parking. He had sustained serious head and lungs injuries and was in coma for 24 hours. Ryder conveyed all the supporters and well wishers that he was all right now and his condition was much better than before. He was moved by the number of messages sent by people around the world for his quick and lasting health. He was thankful to all the people for their support. Aaron Klee, who is Ryder’s manager said that due to weakness and tiredness, there may not be any more updates about the condition as the main focus is on recovery.


A day before, Ryder had given thumbs up signal to doctors and family. However, he did not talk as he was respirating with the help of breathing apparatus. Now, the breathing equipment has been removed and he is breathing without ventilator. When told about how so many people were worried about his health, Ryder wished to leave the hospital as early as possible. The condition will take him some time to resume his playing activities. Meanwhile, after watching CCTV footage, Christchurch police has arrested two persons with ages of 20 years and 37 years. On 4th April, they will appear in district court for hearing of the case.

Ryder had to go to India on 29th March to participate in sixth edition of IPL.