Samsung has launched 110-inch ultra HD TV for price of $1,50,000


World’ leading electronics manufacturer, Samsung has launched its latest 110-inch ultra HD TV for a whopping price of $1,50,000 in South Korea.


The U-HD TV, dubbed as 4K, is claimed to comprise four times the resolution of normal HD TV, and it paves the way for the electronics behemoth towards ultra HD TVs as making giant TVs powered with OLED proves too pricy.

As per CBS News, despite Samsung and opponent LG Electronics claiming OLED displays as the next face of TVs, both the entities are running short bulk production of OLED TVs as flagship that is going to dominate the standard LCD displays.

The report also reflects that the U-HD TVs demand is anticipated to escalate despite shortage of units whereas its cost will apparently drop down quickly in contrast of the OLED TVs.

NPD DisplaySearch cited that the worldwide shipments of ultra-HD TV sets would increase from 1.3 million in 2013 to reach a phenomenal 23 million in 2017. It is interesting that over half of the sales will be acquired by Chinese vendors between 2013 and 2017.

Samsung claimed that it has collected as many as 10 orders for the upcoming mainstream TVs from the Middle East Asian buyers, the report highlighted