Samsung launches SecuTablet in cooperation with IBM


Planet’s major tech and consumer electronics giants IBM, Blackberry and Samsung have joined forces in a bid to create a spy-proof tablet for enterprise consumer. This latest tablet is basically an upgraded variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The tablet is codenamed as SecuTablet.


The tablet is primarily made to be utilized by normal tablet users, but rather, bigger companies and governments can make their orders for this tablet. This tablet program was basically a string attached to the security company called Secusmart which was acquired by BlackBerry in 2014.

The Secusmart’s call encryption technology lets user to make secure phone calls between employees, which has been embedded into the tablet. BlackBerry claims that the SecuTablet is developed to be secure enough for classified government information and confidential documents.

The tablet also employs IBM’s software silos to make apps like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube safer than before. With the help of this software, if the user downloads a harmful app, it cannot intrude the confidential information stored on the tablet because of the proprietary IBM software technology.

Samsung and BlackBerry have made agreement like this before when it comes to security implementation. In 2014, Samsung and BlackBerry inked a pact which ultimately opened doors to a robust Samsung Knox mobile security suite empowered by BlackBerry technology. The latest SecuTablet will be available in summer 2015 under a price tag of $2380.