Satya Nadella favourite for Microsoft CEO slot


Is Hyderabad born Satya Nadella is the right man to be the next CEO of Microsoft? This is an important question which will have a great impact on the company’s future performance. Satya Nadella is said to be humble and collaborative but professionally very technical, deeply engaged and with a strong will.

So these are the qualities that the great man has to replace founder Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer and technology industry watchers describe the Nadella “among the brightest brains at Microsoft”.

Patrick Moorhead a US-based technology analyst who is founder of Moore Insights and Strategy, says that “The positive for Nadella is his successful track record,”.

Nadella in his 22 years at Microsoft, initially worked at a server group, online services, software division, advertising platform, R&D, and now oversees cloud services (Azure).

Nadella was Born in 1969in Hyderabad and went to Public School, Begumpet. Nadella did well in school and college but was never in the limelight.

Nadella did his BTech in in 1988 electrical engineering from Mangalore University. In 1989 Rao joined MIT as a faculty. He joined Microsoft in 1992 after doing MBA from US. Nadella made an attractive business strategy at Microsoft and proved his by bringing up revenues of $1.5 billion to $5 billion in five years in Microsoft Business services