Smartphone market saw a rise of 28.6 percent


According to the latest reports from market watchdog IDC, the total smartphone market saw a rise of 28.6 percent in contrast to last year with some 218.8 million devices shipped all over the world. These figures seem to be lagging around 2.8 percent from the Q4, thus affecting sales.

Korean smartphone giant Samsung also appears to be affected by this inflation as it managed to grab 30.2 percent shares in contrast to 31.9 percent a year ago.

US smartphone maker, Apple, posted 15.5 percent shares globally to clinch the second seat. In 2013, Apple market shares were 17.1 percent.

Furthermore, it was Chinese tech firm Huawei, who surfaced from nowhere to take the third position with a minnow a 4.7 percent market share all over the world. Huawei posted a whopping 47 percent growth rate on yearly basis.

Another Chinese smartphone maker under the name of Lenovo delivered a 63 percent rise in sales to get 4.6 percent market shares, whereas South Korean electronics giant LG’s managed to hold 4.4 percent worldwide.

IDC forecasts that in 2014, the smartphone industry will grow by 19 percent, which recorded the first billion-plus shipments a year ago.

Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst commented as “the market will experience a strong boost in sales due to sustained impressive demand, especially in developing markets, price-conscious devices and the arrival of 4G networks.”

He also claimed this the last quarter of 2014 will also come across some huge landmarks as the time proceeds.
Whereas Melissa Chau, IDC research manager insisted on saying that China is the pivotal driving force behind the smartphone sector. She said that Chinese market depicts a gigantic rise in the smartphone shipments as an overwhelming 40 percent of the Smartphones sold all over the planet were entitled to Chinese users.

IDC also highlighted that Google’s Android platform continued its winning streak by being the top OS in the market as it fetched nearly 80 percent market shares by the end of 2013.