Smartphone usage in the US has hit a record high of 66.8 percent


The latest statistics revealed by research firm ComScore mentions that in the last three months of 2013, the Smartphone penetration in the US has hit a record high of 66.8 percent in the entire market, which nearly accounts for 160 million users.

Apple collected the most of the US smartphone market with a healthy percentage of 41.6 users. Korean consumer electronics firm Samsung was ranked second with a share of 26.7 percent in the local market whereas fellow smartphone company LG managed to claim the third spot with a reasonable market share if 6.9 percent. Lenovo-owned Motorola lured 6.4 percent subscribers whereas Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC hailed 5.4 percent.

Google’s Android operating system dominated the Smartphone arena in the last three month ended in January with a share of 51.7 percent in the US market. Apple’s iOS was catching up fast with 41.6 percent of the market. Troubled smartphone maker BlackBerry could only manage to get a meager 3.1 percent market share whereas Windows OS grabbed 3.2 percent of the market shares.

As far as web browsing on the smart devices was concerned, Google, once again lead from the front with an unbeatable 89.4 percent of the total smartphone traffic. Social media giant, Facebook was just behind the leader with a healthy 86.6% share while Yahoo’s market share was 86.2%. Online retailer Amazon attracted 69% of the users to get online through their platform.

In addition to that, Facebook surfaced as the front-runner application used on the smartphones with a concentration of 77.6 percent of users. Google Play fetched 52.4% subscribers whereas YouTube audiences were 49.7%.