Sony Playstation TV Vita will come to Europe on Nov 15


Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony’s upcoming innovative micro console will hit the market shelves in the US on Oct 14 and will be unveiled in European continent on Nov 15, this ongoing year.

The little unit, which was earlier rumored to be the Vita TV, has been entertaining Japanese consumers since November 2013, and it has been a big success for the gaming console maker.


As it is officially unleashed on the international arena, it will be available for customers for a price tag of US$99 or €99. The package also comprises of an offer under which users can easily reach to more than 1,000 gaming titles from the present PlayStation canon.

And on top of this exquisite deal, Sony verified through a tweet that in Europe the PlayStation TV will come together with three digital titles for free.On the other hand, US consumers will be charged an additional amount of US$40 to grab a DualShock 3 controller, HDMI cable, 8GB storage chip and a copy of The Lego Movie thrown in.

The revolutionary pack of PlayStation TV attaches to the Internet through a home WiFi network but also engages Ethernet and possesses USB ports alongside slots for Vita game and memory cards too. It syncs with a PlayStation 4 game wirelessly so that you can end a game on another screen in another room in the house if you’ve been thrown out of the living hall for turning channels again and again on the main TV set.
In addition to its compatibility with the PS4, it can also access a host of PS3, PSP, PS Vita and PS One games via the PlayStation Now subscription-based games streaming facility.

User can play their favorite games by just plugging in a DualShock controller and definitely, as Sony’s internet content isn’t confined to gaming only, the canon will also be used to stream through music and video content too. These iconic and seriously entertaining attributes are going to get it a massive accreditation thus making it a formidable rival for the Amazon’s latest Fire TV and upcoming much-anticipated gaming-centered Apple TV.