Sony recorded sales of 18.7 million PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles


Japanese video games specialist Sony is now in the driving seat after a long time as it has outrun its rivals in terms of gaming consoles sales for the first time in nearly eight years. Arch rival Nintendo seems to lack the fighting spirit as it is struggling with its games shipments.

Sony PS4

According to the Nikkei business daily, Sony Computer Entertainment made a strong impression with nearly 18.7 million PlayStation 4 (PS4) consoles and other video games for the last financial year ending in March. In comparison, Nintendo could do its best to ship around16.31 million gaming devices.

The advent of latest game console, the PS4, in the US and several other international markets back in November 2013 proved very influential for Sony as its earlier version PS3 left the company in despair with its underperformance.

The report highlights that the number of PS4 sold were 7 million. However, other products such as portable PS Vita and hardware peripherals accounted for nearly 20 per cent for the FY.

Fellow contender, Nintendo, faces huge problems in its revenues as it saw a throat-cutting decline of 31 per cent in its portable Nintendo 3DS system sales, whereas the new Wii U also brought less than expected appreciation for the game maker.

The last time when Sony was at the top of the gaming devices shipment list was in March 2006 but after that, the arrival of PS3 was enough for the company to embarrass its users in comparison to the Nintendo’s Wii and DS series consoles.

Nikkei projects that the recent success of PS4 will make Sony the heir of gaming console throne at least for the remaining 2014 as Nintendo has given up the chase due to its underperforming gadgets in the market.
The report also mentioned that US gaming devices maker Microsoft also saw a healthy boost of 16 per cent in its sales to ship almost 11.6 million units, with thanks largely to its flagship Xbox One which was unveiled last year.