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China Labor Watch (CLW) has alleged Apple supplier Pegatron of “serious” labor breaches

China Labor Watch (CLW), a New York-based watchdog has alleged Apple supplier Pegatron of “serious” labor breaches in three factories, including the employment of underage workers, insufficient wages and poor…


Apple squeezed as smartphones market grows by 52 percent

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) showed a healthy growth in the 2nd quarter, but overall Apple’s iPhone was squeezed by competition from rival Samsung and a number of other Asian manufacturers, surveys…


Apple’s profit compared to Google and Microsoft

With Apple’s high earnings today, and the tech giants Microsoft’s and Google’s last week, we can compare the financial results for these top three of largest consumer technology companies. From…


Apple stock creeps upward as company prepares to report the Q3 earnings

On Monday Apple stock creeps upward. The Shares of Cupertino, Calif, company are slightly up slightly up as company prepares to report the Q3 earnings after markets close Tuesday. Analysts…


Apple has acquired HopStop and Locationary in a bid to improve maping service

Apple has acquired HopStop, online mapping services and Locationary as part of its long ongoing effort to provide its users with a more formidable alternative to the Google’s Navigation system….


Apple eyeing to buy Primesense, the Israel-based firm

Apple has got the art to be highlighted in the new all the time. This time, there are leaks that the technology giant is eyeing to buy Primesense, the Israel-based…

Apple offered its condolence on sad demise of Ma Ailun’s

Reuters reported that Apple has taken notice of the death of a woman when she answered her phone while in charging. The tech giant will conduct investigations for this incident….


Apple iPhone 6 speculations

Apple has planned to launch its new flagship iPhone at the end of this ongoing year. Since its first iconic iPhone released in 2007, we have seen a new version…

Apple had nothing to do with ebook conspiracy, Tom Neumayr told media

A new conspiracy regarding increase in e-book prices by Apple Inc. is extremely affecting its image as a user-friendly technology firm. A ruling by New York Federal judge might be…


Apple has agreed to sign a deal with TSMC

Apple has at last agreed to sign a deal with the chip maker TSMC, according to the Wall Street Journal. The agreement got its final shape when the company finally…