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BBM might take On Whatsapp but you have to wait till September

BlackBerry’s BBM,the instant messaging application for Apple’s IOS and for Google’s Android won’t come on June 27, 2013 as different rumors suggested earlier.BlackBerry formally known as RIMS official sources now…


BlackBerry A10 dubbed Aristo features leaked

Some the features of the new BlackBerry A10 dubbed Aristo had been leaked yesterday, which predicts the Canadian handset maker is planning to reboot its Z10.the leaked snaps of this…


CEO Thorsten Heins believes BlackBerry is going in the right direction

BlackBerry shareholders are in an overwhelming situation and have expressed their concerns at the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) this week regarding a £55 million loss in its latest quarter….


BlackBerry’s share declined by 28 percent both in United States and Toronto

BlackBerry has shown signs to review its policy due to unexpected quarterly losses. BlackBerry’s share declined by 28% in both United States and Toronto trading market. The Canadian technology giant…


BlackBerry has launched BES 10.1 quietly

ZDNet recently reported that BlackBerry has launched BES 10.1 quietly as a service, as a part of launch of latest update to BlackBerry Enterprise Service. BlackBerry hasn’t broadcasted a press…


BlackBerry’s palns to launch A10 codename Astro

BlackBerry’s upcoming smartphone, the full touchscreen BlackBerry A10, will be launched during the holidays, CNET reported. The upcoming BlackBerry A10 is the successor to the latest model Z10, and further…


BlackBerry Q10 arriving in India on June 6, 2013

The Indian arm of BlackBerry Last week, had announced that the Blackberry QWERTY smartphone Q10 will soon hit the Indian market along with the teaser snapshots. Now the Canadian company…


BlackBerry is reported to sell 40 million smartphones in 2013

According to DigiTimes, BlackBerry is reported to sell a huge number of smartphones in 2013, reaching almost 40 million. The troubled Smartphone firm — which is in the third place…


BlackBerry announced Z10 and BlackBerry Curve 9220 in India

BlackBerry has announced to make easy monthly installment schemes for the Z10 and BlackBerry Curve 9220 in India. BlackBerry has collaborated with credit card providers including major banks such as…

BlackBerry’s Q10 is gaining popularity in both UK and Canada

The new BlackBerry’s Q10 Smartphone is gaining popularity in both UK and Canada. Blackberry released Q10 in Britain and Canada this week. It is the company’s second smartphone to operate…