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android kitkat

Goolge’s Android 4.4 KitKat focuses to make devices inexpensive

As per leaked reports, Goolge’s upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat will focus on making Android devices cheaper. Google is keen to make its upcoming software to work efficiently on cheap phones…

smart watch

Google will be launching its Smart watch in few days

Speculations from anonymous sources of a news claim that search engine behemoth, Google have almost completed its upcoming technological masterpiece, the Google Glass. The paper also state that Google has…

google glass

Google Glass will be releasing its latest version soon

Google Glass is on the verge of releasing its latest version, and will enable the current Google Glass customer to exchange in their existing models for the brand new ones….

Google is working to build a gigantic ‘floating data center’

Recent reports discloses that Google is secretly working to build what seems to be a gigantic ‘floating data center’ in San Francisco Bay’s Treasure Island. So far, the search engine…

google search ads

Google started to experiment banner ads in search results

Google’s search engine was famous once for its simplicity but on Wednesday, Google confirmed that it was working on banner ads on top of search results, a significant exit from…

google work

Google regarded as world’s top multinational firm to work for

Search engine giant Google has been regarded as the world’s top multinational firm to work for. Software developer SAS Institute and network storage provider NetApp stand in the second and…

Google bounty

Google shares have risen to record over $1,000 per share

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s stock has finally got the threshhold which had been on cards for last few months, after Google Inc surpassed the $1,000 (£618) / share mark. This sharp…


Google’s Android gains 70% of market shareand 50 billion+ downloads

Google’s iconic Android OS has turned five earlier this week. Its achievements and worldwide popularity in this remarkably short period of time is really incredible. It has now over 1…


Google and Facebook are dominating firms in online advertising earnings

Recent statistics show that Google and Facebook are dominating firms in online advertising earnings, leaving all the other digital advertising firms far behind them. Market analysts suggested a 15.5% rise…

Google logo

Google is set to challenge the copyright infringement

The world’s leading search engine is yet to face another task of convincing a judge that digitally copying millions of books for online searches without authors’ consent is legitimate and…