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Google has decided to purchase Bump; contact and file-sharing app

Google has decided to purchase contact and file-sharing app Bump, the startup mentioned on its blog on Monday. Bump co-founder and CEO David Lieb said the firm was feeling “thrilled”…


Google may pay damages to people at a payout of $100 to $10,000

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California gives verdict regarding Google’s confidential data collection of people over residential Wi-Fi networks. Google vehicles were alleged of fetching personal emails and…

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Google had defended its stance on its data acquisition

A federal appeals court has accused Google of unannounced data collection from users through their Wi-Fi systems and also captured images of streets with their car cameras for its Street…

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Google’s Android (build 4.4) KitKat or Ladoo

Recent speculations are divided on the issue of naming the next version of Google’s Android (build 4.4) KitKat. Interestingly, geeks are urging Google to name its upcoming Android version after…


Google argues for right of scanning Gmail accounts

Google argues for the right of scanning and checking contents of its user’s Gmail accounts. Google’s lawyer said that this practice is legitimate as it is generating a fair amount…


Uber hired three new top executives from Google, Facebook and Klout

On Tuesday, Uber has announced to have hired three new top executives to its list by getting it from giants like Google, Facebook and Klout. As per company’s blog post,…


Google founded on September 4,1998 celebrating its 15th birthday

Today, the search engine giant, Google is celebrating its 15th birthday.The company was founded on September 4 1998, by two university friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin.At first, it was…

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Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung in a run for wrist watches

Telecom giants like Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung are endeavoring hard to make some new technology that would change the things around. PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones and now wear ables…

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Sergey Brin breaks up with Anne Wojcicki and dates Amanda Rosenberg

The co-founder of the search engine giant and the executive of the latest project Google Glass, Sergey Brin have been rumored to break up with his long-tied wife Anne Wojcicki….

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Google might build its own self driven autonomous cars

As per reports from former WSJ journalist Jessica Lessin’s blog, Google might build its own autonomous cars. It is in negotiations with leading car makers like Continental AG and Magna…