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Will Nokia 32000 employess be shifted to Microsoft?

Microsoft Corp. now has the big fish in its hands. The software behemoth is now spending 5.44 billion Euros ($7.2 billion) to acquire Nokia Oyj’s handset unit so it can…

google watch

Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung in a run for wrist watches

Telecom giants like Apple, Google Microsoft and Samsung are endeavoring hard to make some new technology that would change the things around. PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones and now wear ables…

microsoft office

Microsoft office still at top as Apple iWork and Google docs tries to catchup

Microsoft’s Office is the market leader and a substantial need while working with others. Meanwhile, Google and Apple are also superb and cheaper solutions to work with but both have…


Microsoft Pakistan rejects allegations of deal with Punjab Govt

Microsoft Pakistan has reported that the business tour of Punjab Government official to Egypt was successful and important signing a deal between Microsoft Pakistan and Punjab Government. Earlier, Wall Street…


Back door commitment going on between Microsoft board and Ubben

Recently there were a lot of rumors regarding Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer’s exit from the company. Many people thought that he left the firm with his own will but only…


Microsoft’s enterprise business and the cash flows are the strong points

Nomura Securities analyst Rick Sherlund upgraded rankings of Microsoft from Hold to Buy being hopeful that ValueAct, less-than-1-percent position owner in Microsoft, will maintain a shake-up and grab Microsoft shares….

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Microsoft has launched an ad-free offer for Bing users

Microsoft Corporation has recently launched an ad-free offer for Bing educational users, which is doubted to be the result of the long-running enmity with the search engine giant Google Inc….


Microsoft released Xbox One “mono driver” and upgraded GPU speed from 800MHz to 853MHz

The Microsoft’s Xbox One is still awaited to launch in next few months, but Microsoft has boosted the console’s GPU clock from 800MHz to 853MHz.  Xbox Live Microsoft Corporate Vice…

microsoft office

Microsoft has released its Office suit for Android

Microsoft has released its Office suit for Android mobile phones though not for tablets in U.S. Microsoft earlier release Office Mobile for iPhone in June, the application is free but…

Google bounty

Google gained its 32% revenue from mobile search ads

The recent push in mobile sector profits indicates that it benefited giants like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple, either in positive or negative ways. Facebook’s Inc (NASDAQ:FB)…