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Microsoft and HEC commemorated their Education Alliance Agreement

Microsoft Pakistan and HEC has recently commemorated their 3 years of achievements in Education Alliance Agreement. Microsoft made alliance with HEC in 2010 and since then almost 73 public sector…


Sony and Microsoft battle goes to E3 as Smartphones Dent Consoles

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) and Sony Corp the leading console makers are battling to sell pricey machines in the current age of cheap smartphones and tablets. Both the game console giants…

surface tablet

Microsoft ready to unveil a new version of the Surface Pro

Microsoft ready to unveil a new version of the Surface Pro, its fascinating tablet-laptop with a built-in 256GB storage and some impressive Touch Covers for consumers to type. Microsoft has…

Pakistan is up for Private Cloud Immersion: Microsoft

Recently, Microsoft organized a launch event of Private cloud immersion in Karachi. On the day, Etechcrunch got a chance to interact with Amir Rao, country manager of Microsoft Pakistan and…

Microsoft has been granted with a patent ‘Force-feedback within telepresence’

Microsoft has been granted with a patent that is titled ‘Force-feedback within telepresence . Sending Different virtual and digital acts, hugs, handshakes and so on has been around since long….

Apple shares

Analysts hopes that Apple and Microsoft will wrap the year in positive territory

Apple’s shares are still leveled at 28.39% for current year despite some poor performance in last three months that chopped $248 billion (26%) off Apple’s market share. Analysts are of the view that Apple…