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Microsoft Window’s 8 is driving HTC and Nokia to capture market

Kantar Worldpanel Comtech,MARKET RESEARCH FIRM has claimed that HTC and Nokia are gaining market share under the drive of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS. Survey by Kantar’s smartphone…


Nokia controls over 75 percent of the smartphone platform’s market

AdDuplex that is an Ad network for Windows Phone indicates that Nokia have control over 75 percent of the smartphone platform’s overall OEM market. However with Windows Phone, it’s somehow…

Apple took ove

Apple took over Nokia in Statcounter chart;Samsung also gaining

Nokia’s poor performance in the mobile rankings continues.As per StatCounter figures for January, 2013 Apple surpassed Nokia, the Finnish mobile maker for the 1st time as the most popular mobile vendor in…

Nokia music+

Nokia announced Nokia Music plus after launch of Nokia Drive+

Nokia just after the launch of Drive+ beta has announced the launch of Music+,which is a premium music streaming service.Music+ adds unlimited skips and downloads to Nokia’s Pandora including service for Mix…

Nokia Pureview 808

Nokia Pureview 808 is Nokia’s last Symbian phone

Nokia’s Symbian operating system  last flagship carrier is the 41 megapixel Nokia PureView 808 smartphone.Symbian will no more be platform for any new Nokia mobile. “Nokia 808 PureView was announced…

Nokia annual dividend

Nokia to improve cash revenue by slashing annual dividend

Nokia after its poor sales is focusing on its cash revenues. To improve the cash Nokia has now decided to abolish its annual dividend that it has been offering since…

Nokia announced better performance in fourth quarter

Nokia announced better performance in fourth quarter

Nokia with stronger results in fourth quarter in now gearing up to improve further to upgrade its performance and attain top slot with rivals Apple and Samsung in smartphone market….