Telenor 3G USB is now available for Rs 2500


Telenor Pakistan has announced 3G broadband Dongles to support its online users to get high spped internet on the go. Telenor Pakistan 3G USB can be used like PTCL 3G EVO an the Dongles provide flexibility and the company has assured of no hidden charges.It means that the company will not charge any additional tax or cost except those mentioned in the the advertised tariffs.Telenor 3G USB is a great addition to Telenor’s 3G network.


Telenor 3g USB or dongle is offered with Daily, Three Day, weekly, monthly as well as monthly plus packages.

You can purchase Telenor 3G USB dongles from nearest company service centre. At service center CNIC and biometric verification of thumb impressions will be carried out before issue of telenor 3G USB.

The USB dongle is available for Rs.2500 with a free quota of 1500 MB internet for next three months (500 MB for each month) from the date of activation.

How to Activate Telenor 3G Dongle?

  • Just SMS “SUB” to “6004″ and select the desired package from SMS Menu.

Terms and Conditions

  • Data SIM registered via biometric system is required to dongle services.
  • Free internet usage from 1AM to 8AM with 500 MB daily usage.
  • Free 1500 MB bundle with 500 MB* per Month for 3 month.

How to operate your Dongle?

  • SMS “BAL” and send message to “6001” to check balance
  • To recharge your Data SIM use easyload or write the 14 digit code and send to “6002”.
  • To check internet volume send “VOL” to “6003”.