Telenor Pakistan posted revenues of PKR 26 billion for Q2 2014


Telenor Pakistan, has furnished its Q2 revenues of 2014, which shows a healthy rise in its earnings. According to the stats, the overall revenues were recorded at Rs. 26 billion, high from Rs. 24.579 billion for the identical period of 2013.

Telenor Pakistan mentions that the overall revenues in local currency grew by 6%, with thanks largely to robust hike in the user count.

Telenor Pakistan stated that subscription and traffic earnings plus the international traffic revenues accounted for 4 percentage points to the entire revenue boost, whereas financial services supported with 2 percentage points.

An operating profit of Rs. 7.33 billion, overcoming last year’s Rs. 6.46 billion was recorded by the company.
The EBITDA margin also saw a rise by 2 percentage points basically due to minimized operations and maintenance costs (O&M) as the network up gradation is finished and limited energy costs from a plethora of power efficient schemes. EBITDA in domestic currency rose by 11% to reach 42 percent.

Telenor’s CAPEX was reduced by 67 percent to touch the Rs. 2.29 billion mark, which is decreased from Rs. 7.34 billion for the identical period of 2013.Telenor’s opex also saw a decline primarily because of the energy and O&M costs reductions after the network swap.

Telenor Pakistan also managed to lure surplus clients to its bandwagon by 1.4 million during the Q2, showing a 14% growth in contrast to the last same quarter of 2013.

As far as the average revenue per user (ARPU) is concerned, numbers were a little disappointing for Telenor as it was declined by 13 percent during the Q2, mainly because of the throat-cutting on-net contest and subscription rise in lower profit yielding segments.

The ARPU touched Rs. 191 mark, which was Rs. 219 for the identical period of 2013.

On the contrary, AMPU (Average Minutes per User per Month) saw a rise of 17 percent basically due to impressive on-net packages. The APMU reached 275, higher from 234 during second quarter of last year.