Telenor posts overall profit of Rs. 26.08 billion


As per this year’s first quarterly report, Telenor Pakistan has claimed a double digit annual increase in its quarterly revenues. The financial stats released by Telenor group, the cellular company have yielded an overall profit of Rs. 26.08 billion during the aforesaid duration, beating previous record of Rs. 23.68 billion back in Q2 of 2014.

Telenor mentioned that the hike in revenues was primarily driven by aggressive growth in the subscription base, enhanced income from incoming international traffic and financial services.

The EBITDA margin also rose by 6 percentage points mainly because of the higher revenue growth and minimized energy costs in addition to a positive one-time effect from reversal of accruals. The original EBITDA margin was almost 41%.

Aggressive rollout and further expansion of the 3G network with over 900 sites covered in the first quarter, thus integrating the 3G coverage to 78 cities also helped in increasing capital expenditure.

Telenor’s ARPU, meanwhile, saw a cut down by 6% and was recorded at Rs. 182; primarily because of the continued on-net competition which was partly offset by increased revenues from data and voice bundles and growth in emergency loans. The average revenue per user for postpaid subscriptions stood at Rs. 628.

Quarterly fiscal report also highlighted that the number of subscriptions beefed up by 50,000 during the quarter, negatively hit by verification of new SIM sales during the SIM registration tenure.

As the first quarter of 2015 ends, the subscription base was 4% higher in comparison to the same quarter in 2014. Telenor also claimed that as many as its 27% of the customers are now active data subscribers.