Timepay and TCF join hands for donation collection


Timepey, a brand by Zong and Askari Bank Limited, inked an agreement in collaboration with the Citizens Foundation (TCF), which is one of Pakistan’s top non-profit organizations of formal education for the donation and collection. Timepey agents under this partnership,  will be able to collect the donations and the Timepey Account holders would also be able to pay the donations for TCF. Donations would be made either by mobile account holders through Timepey mobile account or just by going to the agent location and donating directly at  the counter.


The new arrangement brings an efficient way to donate to TCF as comparison to the primitive way of donation boxes. The person making donation will also get an SMS receipt for the amount as well as transaction ID for donation. The information about amount and ID transaction will also be passed to TCF. TCF via its online porta lwill get real time reporting of donations being collected .

Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra, Chairman of TCF (The Citizens Foundation),on the occasion said that TCF feels privileged to partner Zong. This partnership is of great worth for TCF as it will help it in achieving its aim of providing quality education to less privileged. He said that educating the poor is our collective responsibility for a better and prosperous Pakistan.

Mr. Sajid Mahmood, CEO China Mobile Pakistan on the occasion said that the Timepey is a service to provide convenience to consumers and is a secure and reliable service.