Tizen OS may arrive in Samsung Smart TVs in 2015


Planet’s biggest smartphone manufacturer Samsung has been working on creating its very own OS since a long time for now in order to lessen its dependence on Google’s shoulders. For this purpose, Samsung has previously demonstrated Tizen OS as its upcoming operating in high end devices. So far, Tizen OS has not been featured in smartphones or tablets, but latest speculations do hint its arrival to the international market on all Samsung Smart TVs this 2015.

The Tizen OS is going to come up with automatic detection of Samsung devices for smooth data sharing among others. Consumers will also be entitled to watch TV and live broadcasts on their smartphones and tablets without switching their TV on.

At present, the speculations and slogan for Tizen is be an OS that runs everywhere. On the contrary, that is easier said than done. The revelations about a new contestant to the world famous Android and iOS were made some 2 years ago. A number of reasons such as delays, lack of user interest and failure to co-ordinate with vendors and carriers properly and carriers has resulted that Samsung’s own smartwatches and some cameras are merely operating on its own Tizen OS.

Samsung quoted in a fresh statement as:

“The avenues of entertainment have evolved and now comprise multiple devices and endless information from a number of reliable sources. In order to meet this rapid change, Samsung’s new OS was developed to offer an integrated entertainment experience that is both streamlined and dominant.”

Samsung has recently aimed to equip cheap smartphones with its Tizen OS, which are gaining acclaim in emerging market countries. With its influence on Smart TVs, it is apparent that Samsung is going to make it a necessary part of devices such as smart watches.

The Prototype of Smart TVs loaded by Tizen OS is anticipated to make an entry at CES 2015.