Trojan attacks Apple Macs to inject ads into browsers


A new trojan Yontoo 1 has hit many platforms speciallyr Macs that installs as an adware plugin. The malware  injects ads into  Firefox,Chrome and Safari so that users will click the ads and generate money for malware creators.

The threat TrojanYontoo.1 has been detected by Doctor Web, Russian security firm as adware for the OS X and has been increasing in number in 2013 the company said. Yontoo can download and install as an adware plugin for browser.


This trojan can get installed on Mac in different ways. So far torjan creators have used movie trailer pages to prompt users to install the browser plugin as a new media player or video enhancement program,

Instead of the claimed video program, the Trojan is downloaded and installed as the adware plugin for browsers like safari,Chrome and Firefox. The plugin transmits information of loaded pages to remote server, and enables trojan to embed the third-party code into these pages visited by the user.

Doctor Web as an example showed page on an infected Mac machine.

Doctor Web notes also mentioned that adware is not just limited to OS X, as creators naturally profit from the affiliate ad network programs and that is regardless of the platform.

Symantec recently also reported that a Windows version of Yontoo does indeed also exist however so far it has not affected Windows 8.

Apple on the other hand has updated its malware definitions to detect the trojan Yontoo adwareplugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari