Ufone monthly internet Packages

Ufone offers a number of internet packages. The users needs to dial *3# from internet enabled mobiles and choose the required Internet packages.

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

PackageValidityPrice DetailsCode
Daily Light1 Day Rs12 40 MB & (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) *2256#
Daily Heavy1 DayRs 18 75 MB Plus (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line) *2258#
Night Package (01 AM-09 PM)1 DayRs 6 50 MB (500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line) *3461#
MEGA internet
Day Package
(1 AM-8 AM)
1 dayRs 15 2 GB*550*

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Super Weekly7 DaysRs 1301.2 GB*220#
Weekly Internet Plus7 DaysRs 1753 GB*260#

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Light30 DaysRs 3901 GB + (2GB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line *7807#
Monthly Max30 DaysRs 156010 GB + ( 2 GB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line )*5100#

Monthly Lite Cash Back

1GB+ 2GB Social media pack. For subscription and other Terms and details please visit official website of Ufone. Click Here