US Fedral Comm Commission (FCC) has no jurisdiction in Pakistan


US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has no jurisdiction in Pakistan. All licensed telecom operators of Pakistan have to follow the policies and directives issued by the Government of Pakistan and its entity Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).


Any adverse order passed outside the geographical location of Pakistan is of no legal value and material effect upon telecom business with any Pakistani licensed operators. Any telecom business entity that is not following Pakistan’s existing telecom regime that mandates US Cent8.8 for a single minute is considered to be violating the relevant agreement and may be blocked as done by many Pakistani Operators in the past.

Pakistani Long Distance International (LDI) Industry as per current legal and regulatory regime will continue with the existing International Clearing House Exchange (ICH) for all inbound traffic .

Pakistani companies via press release said that the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) according to its recent Memorandum of Opinion had issued Orders and has advised all the USA based carriers to discontinue any payment to Pakistani LDIs despite of the fact that  Approved Settlement Rate (ASR) has been agreed upon by the interconnected USA Carriers which also has binding effect.

All LDI Operators in Pakistan including PTCL and to follow the regulatory regime and policies of the Govt of Pakistan and the PTA. Currently the ASR in effect that has been approved by PTA is US$0.088 which is the the floor price for all the international incoming traffic, PTCL however is not allowed to agree to any reduced rate. Any attempt or try to change the current rate would directly be violation of regulatory rules, regulations and also contractual obligation.
International operators who are not agreed to present ASR for Pakistan have been paying much more than ASR to 3rd partes for Pakistan bound traffic and are also experiencing associated hazards. Any International operator who does not switch traffic in Pakistan via the licensed LDI’s will now be verified with the use of ICH central switch and if found negative it would be presumed that he is terminating traffic illegally in Pakistan.