Warid shipped over 30,000 postpaid connections in Sept and Oct


As we see a definite acquisition just around the corner, Warid Telecom reportedly claims to have done an impressive job since the start of this year. Warid Telecom says that it has achieved the highest sales ever for its postpaid division in October 2013.

warid sales

Interestingly enough, Warid is performing exceptionally well in the current scenario when company’s future is vague and critical, most importantly for the staff.

According to the data given by its officials, Warid shipped more than 30,000 postpaid connections during the months of September and October, this year.

It should also be noted that Warid has got the second highest postpaid user base in the country after Mobilink.

It seems that now all the telecom operators are giving a special importance to the postpaid segment. For example, Ufone reportedly shipped about 66,000 postpaid numbers in the past three months only. Ufone said that it as many as 22K connections was sold each month during the past July, August and September of 2013.

Warid, meanwhile, is regarded as the best network. The company is acknowledged to have the best available network in spite of its limited coverage.

Warid claims that it provide product bundle of more than 80 value added solutions on IVR, SMS, MMS and GPRS forums; some of which were launched first time ever in the country.

The company also focuses on enhancing its distribution channels and improving customer services network in Pakistan, enabling it to provide expanded accessibility and impressive user services all over the country.