Warid Telecom firm to launch 4G LTE services in september


UAE based cellular operator, Warid Telecom has ultimately made it sure to get into the big league with its announcement of unleashing the super-fast 4G LTE services in Pakistan not later than by September this year.

Warid has been leaving no stone upturned in a quest to take the only left 4G LTE license with the Pakistani regulatory body, PTA.

At the start of May, Warid officials released a press statement which indicated their eagerness and curiosity to get the 4G license. Though, PTA had asked Warid not to make any revelations regarding the 4G launch until they are offered with the 4G plans. Furthermore, internal sources also claim that PTA is not is a mood to make Zong gloomy after it threw US210 million dollars cash for 4G license, whereas on the contrary, Warid was keen to unveil 4G network with its present network.

This immense stress from PTA pushed Warid to go on the back foot and stealth mode, though, it didn’t left its passion to get the golden bird of 4G network and carried on with its stance to inform its consumers about 4G deployments dates.

Warid also reveled that it is committed to invest 400 million dollars in local market for roll out of 4G network and also inked an agreement with Ericsson for the installment of its network.

In the light of all the hindrances and hurdles in its way, Warid is all devoted to launch its 4G LTE network commercially this September.