Warid Telecom is ready to launch its 4G LTE trials


Warid Telecom, an Abu-Dhabi based cellular network, has reportedly said that it is going to launch its 4G LTE trials very soon. Warid approached its existing subscribers who were already using 4G powered devices so that their present SIM cards are transformed to match 4G LTE SIMs prior to the release of 4G LTE trials.
Warid also mentioned that it is going to sell fresh upgraded SIMs to users before the much-awaited 4G LTE launch.

These customers, having 4G enabled handsets, will be offered free access to the Warid’s 4G network during trial period. However, the exact the frame regarding the release of 4G LTE trial services from the operator, but as the up gradation of new SIM cards is in the pipeline for Warid, the launch of 4G LTE services seems to be close enough.

Warid was earlier anticipated to unveil its top-notch 4G LTE facilities from next month.It should be noted that subscribers will have to renew their current 2G-3G SIMs in order to get the best usage of upcoming 4G LTE trails free of cost.

Apart from that, the other important parameter for 4G LTE utility is that you must possess 4G equipped handsets as well. With the provision 4G LTE enabled infrastructure, Warid clients are likely to get as much as 50Mbps of upload/download speeds on their cellular devices.

Warid is working on an emergency basis to install its 4G LTE network in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad and Gujranwala and have contracted globally renowned ICT firm Ericsson for its LTE network deployment.