Wi-tribe Pakistan installed next generation video optimization solution


Wi-tribe is one of the Pakistan’s largest wireless broadband internet facilitator. For now, there is good news for its users that it has become the only internet service provider firm in Pakistan to have installed next generation video optimization solution for its valued clients.

With the provision of this solution, Wi-tribe subscribers will now be enabled to experience even faster video browsing and enjoy super-fast internet exposure on their unlimited packages. To increase the user experience further, wi-tribe has also claimed to offer 65% more volume entirely free of cost on its 1Mbps primary package as a celebratory token.

Wi-tribe executive Wasim Ahmed commented on this auspicious event as:

“Wi-tribe is well aware of the unimaginable powerful of the broadband internet. For this very purpose, wi-Tribe has invested in the technology networks in a bid to cater strong growth and reliable needs for all of our valued users. Wi Tribe has always tried to fulfill customer needs first, ensuring all products and services are tailored solely on what the market and customer demands”.