Will Mobilink and Telenor win 3G & 4G auction easily


The local and international operators are at the edge of their seats to plunge into the upcoming 3g and 4G auctions in Pakistan. There is a pool for 3G auctions in which three operators are going to get the licenses whereas 4G license will be acquired by 2 operators at the most. All the preparations for the upcoming mega event have been done and users are curiously waiting for the curtains to be taken off from the next-generation auctions in the country. Users are also highly-anticipating about the super-fast speeds of the broadband connections when the new technology arrives in Pakistan.

The terms and conditions of the upcoming licensing process highlights some tight instructions under four of the operators must get the 3G/4G licenses. A fresh contender might come up to join the auctions. In order to get a high-speed 4G, an operator must get a 3G license first.

Hence, according to these instructions, four competitors are going to battle for 3G license but only three are going to be successful in getting the license of next-gen technologies. In addition to that, only two in these three operators can then get spectrum license.

It should be noted that 3G license is made complimentary for mobile operators in order to maintain revenues for the upcoming 3-5 years. On the other hand, a 4G license is going to get them earnings profits for the upcoming 10-15 years.

The unsuccessful operators will lose their credibility in the market.

At present, Mobilink is termed as the front-runner with its user-base of more than 37 million. If Mobilink is successful in getting the 3G license, it can then easily move forward to get the super-fast 4G spectrum.

Other operators like Telenor have claimed to have done their work in conversion of their network for the upcoming spectrum license. Telenor is ranked second with a user base of 32 million.

Apart from that, Ufone, subsidiary of PTCL and Etisalat also, has done all the preparations to get the best out of the next spectrum auctions.

China Mobile-owned operator, Zong, has also shown great tendency to invest heavy cash in the telecom sector if it gets a chance in the upcoming auctions.

Abu-Dhabi based subsidiary, Warid Telecom is not considered to be best-suited for the next-gen license as it is already troubled by its revenues. Users might also get introduced to a new comer to the Pakistani telecom market.