Windows 8′s market share were slashed up to 6.66% from 7.53%


According to the latest reports, which are quite overwhelming, says that even today, the Microsoft’s iconic Windows 7 is dominating the latest version, the Windows 8!

Windows 8′s market share were slashed up to 6.66% right from 7.53%, i.e. by almost 0.87% in the previous month. However, Windows 8.1 did managed a rise to 0.92% giving an entire market share of Windows 8 to 7.58% and collective growth of a mere 0.05%. The numbers are certainly disappointing as it must’ve grabbed some of the share of Windows 8.

The major reason for Windows 8 failure is Windows 7. Interestingly, a plethora of tech firms still ship Windows 7 powered laptops and notebooks. Because of this, the older operating system doesn’t only consistently used all over the place, but possibly rises swiftly than the one which is being newly launched. Surprisingly, it shows a jump of 0.22% for the month of November, impressive for a 4 year old OS, to a remarkable 46.64%.

Alongside these, the previous versions were facing the normal scenarios. Windows Vista declined by 0.06% whereas XP by a minimal 0.02%. At this current rate, they’ll presumably stay around eternally, although in meager figures.

In spite of the tough opposition of Windows 7, Windows 8 single-handedly dominated entire of the Mac OS X versions collectively, which were recorded at 7.56%.