Windows Phone platform becomes third largest smartphone OS


Recent reports clearly reveal that Windows Phone platform is now listed as the third largest smartphone OS used on the planet earth. Windows Phone sales saw a huge boost in its volume which became double in 2013. However, the whole share market is still small though!

As per market research watchdog IDC, Windows Phone sales raised its volume from 17.5 million to 33.4 million last year, indication a market share growth from 2.2% to 3.3%.

Google’s Android OS share market saw a rise from 69 % to 78.6 % for the 2012-13 periods. Microsoft will be happy to see Android growing due to fact that it gets ample earnings from the royalties Google gives for patent licensing.

On the contrary, Apple’s market shares were slashed up to 15.2 % over 2013 which was 18.7 prior to this.

In addition to that, IDC also predicted that the times of double-digit growth on annual basis are going to end shortly despite the fact that smartphone market depicted a steady rise in the last year.

On the other hand, Microsoft is seeing some tough times from its business rival Nokia. Nokia filed a petition in India to sue Microsoft. Nokia possess one of its largest handset designing plants in Chennai. It was confiscated by the local administration due to a tax row which resulted in discarding it’s shifting to Microsoft. Nokia announced to deposit $367 million into a temporary account last December.