World Mobile Congress was dominated by Google’s Android


This year World Mobile Congress was also dominated by Google’s Android. No other software could manage to beat the Android platform in the OS arena. Kicking off from smartphone operating systems to the hardware solutions, no other software maker could challenge the winning run from Google’s Android.

Android’s biggest marvel, Samsung’s iconic Galaxy S5 is presumably the best of all with a plethora of new attributes and features to help users get on with the new smartphone.

Japanese smartphone maker Sony unveils its latest mainstream phone Xperia Z2 in a bid to make a strong comeback in the smartphone market. On the other hand, Russian manufactured Yota has launched its dual-display smartphones.

Nokia also announced its most-anticipated and much-awaited Android-equipped smartphone, dubbed as the Nokia X, in a bid to gain the lost ground in international smartphone market.

The smartphone manufacturers are in a tough run to dominate the smartphone industry which is now claimed to have over 70 percent market penetration all over the world. The WMC event is a big platform and opportunity for the smartphone makers to showcase their mainstream mobile phones.

US mobile giant Apple didn’t come up to the expectations of its users at the World Mobile Congress. But the smartphone ecosystem is still dominated by the Apple as accessories makers still have strong likings for Apple’s peripherals. Apple still lead the peripheral market and ecosystem despite the fact that Android in very good at solving technical issues with the operating systems.

World’s leading software and technology developer, Microsoft claimed to launch its upcoming version of Windows 8.1 in a couple of months. Microsoft is eying to regain its market shares as it recently acquired Nokia’s mobile business division for a $7.2 billion deal.

So the bottom line is obviously suggesting that Google’s roar can be heard all over the globe. It also leads WMC, this year. The other technology rivals will have to put in all their efforts in order to excel in this ferocious smartphone battlefield.