Xiaomi M4 is a big threat to Apple iPhone 6


All eyes of the world are set to experience the class of innovation and expertise Apple is likely to put in its upcoming iconic iPhone 6 scheduled to launch on Sept. 9. The iPhone 6 is anticipated to come up in two versions like its previous model. The forecast and predictions from researchers and watchdogs suggest that this release will produce a clean sweep for the Cupertino heavyweight over its rivals.

The Wall Street Journal anticipates that Apple is ready to ship over 70 million-80 million of the latest iPhones as the sun of 2014 sits. The launch of iPhone 6 is a massive expectation for Apple, not only in terms that it will amass huge revenues for the company but will also allure users from other arch rivals such as Samsung and HTC.


In the presence of all these tech behemoths, where it’s almost impossible to make a way to climb the apex of domination and superiority, Chinese handset maker Xiaomi is turning out to be one sturdy competitor for all of these leading smartphone makers. The Beijing-based startup has already made its mark in China by getting the name of “Chinese Apple” and as enthusiasts are on the verge of getting the next installment of iPhone, Xiaomi’s Mi 4 is already available for sale all over the globe.

The Mi 4: big phone, small price tag

The Xioami latest iconic smartphone Mi 4 is a decent handset which is released last month with an attractive 5-inch display screen. It brings in quality hardware features such as a massive full HD display, 3 GB of RAM and a robust Snapdragon 801 processor.

To make it simpler, it’s as mighty as the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, and its performance could be comparable to the upcoming Apple’s iPhone 6. But the thing what distinguishes Mi 4 from Samsung and Apple’s flagships is its cost effectiveness; costing Chinese users almost $325 per unit.

Xiaomi’s rapid rise and emerging market ambitions

Xiaomi employs top-notch and advanced hardware peripherals and bargain prices in its flagship handsets, which is the major reason behind its overwhelming success ratio in China. First appearing in 2010, the start-up has made a remarkable rise to the top of the Chinese handset market thus making an example for others to follow. Research firm Canalys reports that Xiaomi shipped more cell phones in China in contrast to Apple or Samsung previous quarter, thus grabbing the rank of fifth largest smartphone seller globally.
Xiaomi’s ambitions and plans seem to be flying high as it focuses more on emerging markets along with the lucrative Western markets. Recently, it has launched its high-end product range in India, which is getting an encouraging response.

A worthy competitor to Apple and Samsung

With the entry of Xiaomi in Indian handset market, it is facing throat-cutting competition in the likes of market giants such as Apple, Samsung and a couple of local handset manufacturers. But the level of commitment and the value it offers, it would not be a dream to see Xiaomi ultimately come up as a leader in emerging markets such as India.

There is no doubt in the fact that the aggressive business strategy of Xioami has honored it with the top place in the Chinese handset market, but has shown its guts to become a competitor quite able to lock horns with the mighty giants of smartphone arena, Apple and Samsung. As the world is all set to see the new face of iPhone 6 in a couple of weeks, Xiaomi’s new flagship Mi 4 could prove as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for it.