Youtube may be unblocked in Pakistan soon


Google has at-last removed the controversial Islamic video from YouTube paving the way for unblocking youtube in Pakistan. Google decision to remove the anti islamic video and its copies from youtube came after the US court orders.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) Pakistan has also confirmed removal of anti-islamic movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and related 1,000 links from youtube.

Google’s decision of removal of blasphemous content will be of great help for opening YouTube services in Pakistan. However, Google still plans to challange the ruling of US court. Keeping this in mind Pakistani Government has to device a policy in after unblocking youtube, that what it has to do if Google wins the case.

The upcoming auction of 3G / 4G coupled with reopening of youtube in Pakistan will be a great NEWS for all people of country including students and youth who utilizes Youtube for their benefit.

3G and 4G technology no doubts helps easy Video streaming at much higher speed and mobile users will definitely have the flexibility to stream the videos on their mobiles.

YouTube was blocked in Pakistan in September 2012 after upload of anti-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ which sparked worldwide protests. After a lawsuit by the film actress, US court ordered for removal of film.