Zong 3G packages offered at competitive prices


Zong 3G internet packages have finally arrived. Zong 3G packages are commercially launched in Pakistan today. The launching ceremony was held at Zong’s headquarters in Islamabad. The ceremony was attended by company’s top management, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Dr. Ismail Shah,and few other members of PTA. Zong have acquired the highest bandwidth for its 3G network. Zong 3G internet packages are expected to provide fastest mobile internet with best 3G/4G network prices in Pakistan.

Zong is currently offering its 3G services in Lahore and Karachi while Islamabad will get its Zong 3G network with-in next couple of weeks.

Zong 3G internet Packages

Zong 3G internet packages are available under the daily, weekly and monthly Packages.


The maximum data limitis 4Gb for a month with a price tag of Rs. 650 per month.

Add-ons for Zong internet 3G Packages

Zong is also offering Add-ons on its 3G Packages. Zong Add-ons are additional value services offered in the package to customers to use more data.

if you are using a weekly Zong 3G package with 150MB limit, and your limit is near to expire then you can use Zong addon to continue using the 3G services.

4G is the fourth generation technology for mobiles, succeeding 3G, 4G system provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access in addition to voice and other services offered by 3G, . Zong 4G (LTE) is basically based on latest state of the art technology LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution.

 What you can do with Zong internet 3G and 4G


How can you access 3G and 4G network


Zong 3G network in Pakistan is currently the leading network which is expected to grow rapidly in coming months.