Zong achieves 25 million subscribers in Pakistan


China Mobile’s Pakistani wing, Zong, has claimed to have accomplished the milestone of 25 million subscribers on its cellular system in the country. Zong has also announced to complete its five years of quality work on the Pakistani land.

Zong has been trying its hard out and promoted a plethora of call and SMS packages to lure huge amount of customers but it still lacks to be the number one cellular operator in Pakistan. It is currently ranked as number four as far as user-base is concerned. Mobilink holds the top place with Telenor in the second seat; PTCL-owned Ufone grabbed the third position whereas Warid Telecom is at the last on the list. The China-owned operator is also experiencing its lowest Average Revenue per User which is Rs.142 per month. It is also the lowest ARPU amongst the five cellular operators in Pakistan. Zong also claims that youth constitutes the major portion of its user-base.

Zong seems to have put in all its efforts in the customer attraction but is not concerned about the falling revenues which are seriously harming its balance sheets.

Zong is looking forward to the upcoming next-generation license auctions in Pakistan which will earn it loads of new customers as well as a strong boost and helping hand to optimize the sinking titanic of its revenues.