Zong plans to launch 3G services soon


Zong is expected to launch 3G services commercially very soon. Zong which is a leading telecom operato in Pakistan opted to launch its 3G and 4G services after some delay as compared to other telecom operators. It is pertinent to mention that currently Zong is the only telecom operator which got the license for 4G services in addition to 3G services in the country.

Zong initially offered its 3G trial services to few thousands of 351 Zong customers in Lahore and has now planned to launch 3G services commercially after a positive feedback.

As per latest information Zong will celebrate the launching ceremony of its 3G at its Zong headquarters very soon.

Zong will initially launch its 3G services in Lahore and Karachi following the next day of launching ceremony. Islamabad will get the Zong 3G services after a week of its launch. Additional cities will be added in the upcoming months.

Zong management is very much excited for the launch of its 3G network to offer its customers high speed streaming videos and internet. Zong will take on Telenor and Ufone in 3G competition.

Maximum speed of Zong 3G Network:-

Beside normal 3G speed Zong SUPER 3G will offer high speed in class technology HSPA plus (High Speed Packet Access). Its maximum speeds is up to 42 Mbps.


Maximum speed of Zong 4G LTE Network:-

Maximum speed of Zong 4G LTE network will be 150 Mbps