Zong, is all set to unleashed 4G services in Pakistan


CMPak’s Pakistani cellular arm, Zong, is all set to unleashed the first ever 4G services in Pakistan tomorrow, Saturday, the September 27th, 2014. Zong is the only cellular operator in the country to have bought the 4G license in this year’s next generation license auctions.

For this purpose, Zong has booked half page placement in all leading newspapers of the nation on the launch day. Company is also believed to run continuous advertisements on TV as well as on the web pages.
Zong is speculated to initiate the commencement of 4G services in Pakistan with a launch event organized at PC Hotel Karachi. It will also feature a musical show.

For now, a limited number of destinations will be offered the high speed services of 4G cellular technology. Users from selected areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore are going to enjoy the top-notch 4G services on inaugural day of the launch. It should be noted that Zong is already in process of delivering 4G supported SIMs to the customers who possess 4G compatible handsets.

4G Coverage network is going to be decidedly limited at first. This should be imagined with the fact that we had limited 3G networks coverage on day one, so 4G coverage will be only lesser than that.

Users should also keep in minds that don’t expect anything out of the proportion at once. Deployment of 4G is a time-consuming process and will take time to make its mark here. Considering that Zong is still in the early stages of 3G deployments, 4G rollouts will be slow, steady and long.