Zong Super 3G service with 42 Mbps speed hits Islamabad


China Mobile Pakistani wing, Zong, is a front-runner and very competitive cellular operator in Pakistan. After the acquisition of 3G and 4G technology licenses in the April’s next generation technologies auction, it has now finally decided to unleash its impressive ‘Super 3G’ service.


Prior to this announcement, Zong deployed its ‘Super 3G’ service to its customers in Karachi and Lahore. The new ‘Super 3G’ facility will support subscribers with super-fast broadband, capable of running videos and songs within no time. This package will also provide state-of-the-art technology HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) which offers a booming speed of nearly 42 Mbps, which is almost double of the traditional 3G service currently utilized in Pakistan.

CCO of Zong, Dr. Zhao Peng commented on the opening event of ‘Super 3G’ service in Islamabad as, “Zong feels quite excited regarding the release of scintillating next generation service in the Federal capital which is the first leg of our ‘Super 3G’ deployment plan. Zong has given a special importance to the sister cities including Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to the fact that they envelop the top tech-savvy percentage all over the nation. The optimized technology, centered on Free User Trials (FUT), will offer the best possible internet solution to the users which in turn will give them a more enhanced and more customized user experience. We also look forward to launch our quality ‘Super 3G’ services in more major destinations around the country and finally then the much-anticipated and super-fast Zong 4G will follow the proceedings after that, but, it will certainly take time to roll out”.

Ms. Shahrien, a loyal Zong subscriber from Karachi expressed as, “the new Zong Super 3G is outstanding. Now I can conveniently my favorite TV shows on my smartphone within minutes and at a high speed I’ve ever came across. The latest Zong Super 3G is more of an impeccable remedy for all my current cellular broadband problems. I would recommend the ZOng service due to its wide network coverage facility and most importantly the tariff rates are nearly identical to the previous 2G services.”

Zong has also got the honor to become the first and only cellular network so far in the country to have 4G license beside a 10 MHz 3G license. It also has the fastest growing user base in the country where competition is very tough in the likes of heavyweights such as Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone. Despite of all these critical and throat cutting contests, it is now ranked as the third largest network in Pakistan at the present. With the launch of Super 3G services all over the country, it will certainly draw the attraction of new customers nationwide as emerge as the front-runner in the telecom race.